Security and Insurance

Rest assured your information is kept confidential and private with confidentially clauses in all contracts. Remington Commercial has the following compliances in place to ensure the safety and security of your workplace premises.

security vetting

Security Identification

Staff are easily identified with Remington Commercial security identification cards displaying name, photo and position within the company attached to our easily identifiable coloured lanyards.

Insurance & Public Liability

Remington Commercial maintains Public Liability Insurance cover of $10 million dollars. This protects our contractors from having to pay the costs arising from an accident or damages that can occur as a result of the provision of contracted services to a customer’s premises.

Character & Background Checks

Remington Commercial has comprehensive security protocols in place to ensure our customers can trust and rely on the people who clean their premises. All of our staff must pass a Ministry of Justice criminal background check and a confirmation of good character by personal referees.

cleaning insurance