Contract Cleaning

Remington Commercial are experts at contract cleaning. From ‘around the clock’ cleaning to daily or weekly service, contract commercial cleaning is our speciality.

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Organise Regular Cleaning

Cleaning is carried out in strict accordance with the ‘cleaning specifications’ that is provided with every quote and approved by you prior to the contract commencement.

Cleaning service times can take place either during the day or after hours. Day time cleaning has its advantages of ensuring security and energy savings. Afterhours cleaning can be completed from 6pm to 6am to best fit in with the client’s needs, advantages of afterhours cleaning allows staff to arrive to a healthy and clean workplace.

A clean, safe and hygienic workplace is not only a Health & Safety requirement; it can also improve staff productivity and reduce absenteeism, with fewer days lost to sickness. There is also a direct link between better cleaning services and increased productivity.

What We Offer

Unlike franchise companies, we offer the flexibility to offer your workplace any extra service outside of cleaning that you may require. From plant hire to changing lights bulbs we can do it all and have it all on one invoice. We are also able to negotiate with our clients to ensure we work within your budget and that you get the level of cleaning needed for your business. Since Remington Commercial is a privately-owned company you are able to negotiate. This is another of the many things that sets Remington apart.

Excellent Communication

The person quoting your workplace premises will be your direct point of contact for the duration of the contract. Our management team love to have regular catch ups with our clients to ensure a good working relationship and that everything is working how it should be.

Remington Commercial custodians are assigned to sites and they take ownership over their sites ensuring standards are kept high, developing good routines that increase efficiency.

Every site has a dedicated Communication Book for “day-to-day” messages and to log additional requests. Anything other than “day-to-day” messages would be emailed to your contact person to ensure that your request is taken care of. Communication is an important part of Remington Commercials core values. All personnel are trained to respond promptly to customer requests and instructions.

We can create site-specific Quality Audit documentation to meet the site’s individual requirements if needed. We are highly flexible and will accommodate your contract needs.

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